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The adventures of Gary Gulliver and his search for his missing father.

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In the Blue Ground Crime Drama Mystery. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Tina Keeper Michelle Kenidi 90 episodes, Tracey Cook Sarah Birkett 90 episodes, Tom Jackson Peter Kenidi 90 episodes, Timothy Webber Harris Miller 82 episodes, Lubomir Mykytiuk Gerry Kisilenko 82 episodes, Dakota House Rosie Deela 79 episodes, Wilma Pelly Elsie Tsa Che 78 episodes, Jimmy Herman Joe Gomba 60 episodes, Erroll Kinistino Leon Deela 55 episodes, Gordon Tootoosis Albert Golo 52 episodes, Willene Tootoosis Lois Tenia 52 episodes, Mervin Good Eagle Bertha Kizha 47 episodes, Henry Standing Alone Sam Kizha 44 episodes, Renae Morriseau Ellen Kenidi 42 episodes, Rick Belcourt Willy Tsa Che 42 episodes, Michael Obey Nathan Golo 40 episodes, Robert Bockstael Edit Storyline A mystery drama series about trials and tribulations of Aboriginal people in the fictional town of Lynx River, Northwest Territories.

Country: Canada. Language: English. Runtime: 60 min.

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Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Add the first question. User Reviews It was a great series!

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Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Edit page. Add episode. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. DPReview Digital Photography. Audible Download Audio Books. Michelle Kenidi 90 episodes, Sarah Birkett 90 episodes, Peter Kenidi 90 episodes, Harris Miller 82 episodes, Gerry Kisilenko 82 episodes, Trevor 'Teevee' Tenia 81 episodes, Lydia knows that she should run away again but with Mike in the picture, that is easier said than done. After her mother dies, Sonya finds the birth certificate of a baby who was kidnapped and who is still missing after many decades.

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She enlists the help of a detective named Brandon to help her solve the mystery but someone out there is determined to keep them from finding out the truth. Between her growing attraction to Brandon and this unsolved mystery, Sonya has her hands full but she will stop at nothing to get the answers she needs. Amber owns a coffee shop where an employee named Ethan is murdered and she and an Amish woman named Hannah team up to help a detective uncover the truth about what happened. Add to this a town filled with secrets, an intriguing neighbor, and a blossoming romance and you get everything you need to enjoy a story that is filled with mystery, the unexpected, and an ending you will likely never suspect.

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In the town of Steadfast, Wisconsin, someone is playing nasty pranks on the citizens with each prank becoming more dangerous than the one before. Keely and Burke both have demons in their past but they team up together to solve the mystery of the prankster. Between their pasts, a mystery baby with no identity, and their blossoming relationship, neither of them knows how their story will end but one thing is sure — they have their work cut out for them. Hamish and Regina each come to Boston for a little more independence from their families and their past.

When a corpse is discovered at The Flamingo, they decide to jump in and help solve the mystery. When the police discover that the brake line on the car has been cut, they call the incident a murder. They get a chance at both solving the mystery and enjoying their newfound relationship.

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  6. This is the story of Hunter, a stockbroker whose clients have their money embezzled and whose partner James turns up dead. As Nicki and Hunter work together to solve this mystery, they may end up with more than they bargained for but they are determined to find out the truth in the end. When another person is killed the same way her parents were, she starts to suspect Reece, which leaves her in a dilemma as to what she should do next.

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    Her life is suddenly filled with renovations, ghosts, and a budding relationship with an attorney named Walker, who she finds both attractive and frustrating. Izzy is a cop who comes from a family of cops but when her partner is murdered she discovers that an organized crime ring may be at fault and that a dirty cop is likely included in this crime, which may involve members of her own family.

    When she teams up with a detective named Ryan, she has to deal with both her attraction to him and the fear of finding out that someone she cares about may be a culprit in the murder, which leaves her with a true dilemma. Ellie is a house-flipper in the Puget Sound but when her sister goes missing, she is determined to help the cops find her. A detective named Grayson is convinced that her sister faked her own death after stealing a cocaine shipment but Ellie views him as the true enemy.

    Both Grayson and Ellie want to find out the truth but since both family and this case are becoming more complex than either of them think, neither of them knows where their intentions will lead them. Best friends Merinda and Jem have a consulting detective business and when young Irish women are being murdered, they step into the race to find the killer.


    When an FBI agent named April has a baby shoved into her arms by someone who then disappears, this quickly becomes the least of her problems. However, doing this may cost her the job she loves, not to mention the lives of many other innocent people. The case becomes much more complex and dangerous than she would like it to be. Although she knows that people she loves may end up in the crossfire, Penelope will not stop until she finds the truth. When private investigators Nate and his wife Izzy go on a belated honeymoon, they leave their firm in the hands of a former police officer named Beth and a new forensic accountant named Michael.

    With new threats and a tense relationship with local law enforcement all around them, Beth, Michael, and Nate will stop at nothing to find out the truth about this mystery. Sisters Fern and Zula become involved when a chef at a retirement facility is murdered even though the detective on the case is not happy with their decision. These lovable, quirky characters plod through extortion, drugs, and international cartels in order to find out the truth and when their niece KC arrives on the scene, things get even more interesting.

    This is an interesting and sometimes funny novel that makes for a plot no one can see the ending to. Jack and Laura are detectives in an elite police department in Las Vegas. When a beautiful young girl is killed in one of the casinos, they must team up to solve the murder, which means that they have to trust one another despite both of their secret pasts and the fact that they have no idea who is behind the murder. But she needs his help because things are disastrous without it. This is a novel with believable characters that you will soon be rooting for and their determination to fight off the bad guys leads to a very interesting story.

    With a lot of suspense and intrigue, this is the story of Felicity, who works to help special needs children, and a detective named Darren. When Felicity hears that her birth mother committed suicide, she immediately doubts the story and believes that it was actually a murder. Darren is on her side and works to help her find out the truth. Along the way the couple has to deal with dark clues, a potential murder, and an attraction that becomes undeniable to both parties.

    Casey and Dylan both have a challenging life. Casey is running from the law after being indicted for murder and Dylan is the investigator who once hunted her and who is now finding his own life in danger. With unexpected twists and turns, the story heats up fast when Casey and Dylan get thrust together. The main goal for both of them becomes staying alive while still moving forward with their now-growing relationship. Shauna is struggling to raise her young son after her husband dies in a freak accident. She blames his best friend Zach for what happened so she resists his attempts to help her move on with her life at first.

    Watch the sketch right here. Press Conference With Baltic Leaders April 7, Trump meets with leaders from the Baltics and gets so bored that he finally tells America what he really thinks about the presidency.

    Trump isn't the complete focus of this one, but when he shows up to tout the address, he gets in some good jokes -- like how "people" are saying the SOTU was better than Martin Luther King's "I Dream of Jeannie" speech. Describing himself as a gross groping hurricane is hilariously cringe-worthy.

    Trump might have ties to Zorblat-9 as aliens invade March 11, Trump spoke to American troops to rally them in a battle against super-powerful space aliens. Unfortunately, Trump's old standbys like "we don't win anymore" and "we're going to bring coal back" were not all that helpful. Most of the rhetoric is stuff we've heard before, but Leslie Jones' and Sasheer Zamata's moments near the end elevate the sketch. Trump Administration sings "Hallelujah" May 20, The final cold open of the season references Kate McKinnon's cold open as Hillary Clinton, making a perfect joke about Donald Trump's week of news scandals.

    Scarlett Johansson even returned for a quick guest appearance to reprise her role as Ivanka Trump. Watch it here.